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Established in June, 2000, Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd. was set up by Shaanxi Textile Science Institute according to the National Science Institute Reform System. We are an important science technology company in Chinese textile. 
Presently, we are mainly engaged in the production of Function Textile and Industrial Textile, as well as technological study, product development and information consultant service in textile, dyeing & printing, machinery & electronic products. Our company has production qualification for function textile by China government, and has the right of importing and exporting. 
Shaanxi Center of Textile Supervision and Inspection, located in our company, is the third-party institution certified by Shaanxi government. In 2004, we passed ISO9001 certification and IQ net certification. In 2005, we were assessed to be a credible company. In 2009, OEKO-tex 100 passed.
We have developed a series of special function textile, such as aramid fabric, aramid coveralls, aramid accessories, anti-static fabric, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, flame-retardant fabric, anti-IRR fabric, anti-germ fabric, anti-ultraviolet radiation fabric, water and oil resistant fabric and anti-mildew fabric. Our products are used widely in aviation, chemical and oil industry, army and fire-fighting. We have advanced warping machines, sizing machines & rapier looms. Now, we have exported our products to Europe and Asia, and have good relationships with worldwide customers. We also set up an office in Shanghai, which can help our communication with friends. 
"Genuine Service, Win-Win Cooperation" is our business goal. We sincerely look forward to having a communication and keeping a mutual beneficial relationship with friends from at home and abroad.

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