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Aramid IIIA Fabric

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Quick Details
Product Type: Aramid Fabric 
Supply Type: Make-to-Order 
Material: Para Aramid / Meta Aramid 
Type: Nomex Fabric 
Pattern: Other 
Style: Twill 
Width: 57/58" 
Technics: Woven 
Use: Garment, Industry, Military, Firefighter, Workwear, Petroleum 
Feature: Flame Retardant, Anti-Static, Chemical-Resistant, Heat-Insulation 
Yarn Count: 32s/2 or 40s/2 
Weight: 4.5oz-9oz 
Certification: EN, ASTM, NFPA 
Composition: aramid 
Usage: Garments 
Brand Name: Topsafe 
Width: 58/60" 
Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China 
Use: Home Textile 
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Export Packaging 
Delivery Detail: 20 days 
Aramid IIIA Fabric Imported and home meta-aramid and para-aramid fiber to produce the yarn, fabric, accessor 
Aramid IIIA fabric use Imported and home made meta-aramid  and para-aramid fiber to produce the yarn, fabric, accessory and garments. The fabric meets industrial safety standards such as EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 14116, EN1149-1, NFPA70E, NFPA2112, FPA1975, ASTM F1506. It is widely used in petrol and gas fields, Military industry, petrochemical plants, flammable chemical plants, power stations etc. Those places often require protection against flame, heat, flammable gasses, static and chemical exposures. Aramid fabric has all those functions. It is light in weight with very high breaking and tearing strength, melt not dropping. Sweat absorption & water repellence finishing may also be added to give more protection and comfort.
Fabric Technical index:
1.Color fastness to washing: 4 Grade or above
2.Color fastness to perspiration: 4 Grade or above
3.Color fastness to Rubbing: 4 Grade or above
4.Color fastness to Light: Dope dyed 5 Grade or above, Piece dyed 3 Grade or above
5.Shrinkage to washing: more or less 2%
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