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PBO Pure Spuning Fabric

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Quick Details
Product Type: Aramid Fabric 
Supply Type: Make-to-Order 
Material: 100% PBO fibre fabric 
Type: PBO fabric 
Pattern: woven 
Style: Plain 
Width: 57/58" 
Technics: Woven 
Use: Industry, Military, Firefighter, Aerospace, Workwear, Petroleum 
Feature: Flame Retardant, Anti-Static, Chemical-Resistant, Heat-Insulation 
Yarn Count: 32s/2 or 40s/2 
Density: 68*54 
Weight: 210gsm 
Certification: EN, ASTM, NFPA 
Composition: 100% PBO 
Usage: Special Garments 
Width: 58/60" 
Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China 
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Export Packaging 
Delivery Detail:20 days 
PBO Pure Spuning Textile Fabric 
have strong tensile strength and tear strength. 
Good ability in fire resistance. 
Product specification: 
yarn 32 S / 2 , density 68 x 54 (ply/inch), weighs 210 (g/m2) ,width 63 ". 
Main performance: 
Application to high-grade fire fighting uniform, bulletproof clothing and the molten metal splash fabrics.
para-aramid fabric, 
strong tensile strength
tear strength.
Good ability in flame retardent.
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